Healthcare Project for Children regardless of the Nationality

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Who We Help:

Female migrant workers and their children, who are born in Taiwan but lack ROC citizenship.

Our Services:

  1. We provide pregnant migrant workers with prenatal and postnatal medical services, including prenatal checkups and classes which cover prenatal healthcare, childbirth, and postpartum self-care.
  2. Help children obtain vaccinations and receive regular checkups from nearby hospitals. In addition, we provide necessary medical expenses, subsidies and interpretation services. 
  3. Provide children and their families with room and board to ensure their safety. Not only do we provide shelter but we also show mothers and/or other family members how to care for infants.

Non-Taiwanese children, their mothers and Ms. Nicole Yang.

The Needs of Pregnant Migrant Mothers:

  1. Prenatal checkups as well as fees for childbirth: Most pregnant migrant workers don’t go to the hospital for proper care, but rather give birth at home with the assistance from friends. This poses significant health issues for both the mother and the newborn.
  2. Daily expenses and healthcare costs for non-Taiwanese children: Since the Taiwanese government does not provide financial support or give non-Taiwanese children National Health Insurance Coverage we provide coverage to non-Taiwanese children who are not eligible for such healthcare.

Our Immediate Goals Include:

  1. Accommodating 200 Non-Taiwanese children with medical services, such as vaccinations.
  2. Providing 40 female migrant workers with childbirth support.

Our Long-term Goals:

  1. Reduce unintended pregnancies among migrant workers through educational healthcare programs.
  2. To increase awareness of the lives of Non-Taiwanese children through open discussions among the general public, corporate sponsors, NGOs, and the Taiwanese government.

Our Staff Includes:

7 social workers and 50 babysitters.


Support Our Work

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Contact: +866-2-27389600 /

Notice: If you are resident of the US or Hong-Kong, you can support us via Give2Asia.