Education and Prevention Campaigns of HIV and the Awareness


As of December 2021, Taiwan had over 42,200 HIV-positive cases, 20,343 of these cases were full blown AIDS. Furthermore, there are more people who are HIV positive, but refuse to take a test. Most HIV infections occur between the ages of 19 to 25 year olds. Due to the long history of HIV discrimination among the general public and failure of teaching HIV prevention, it has greatly impacted the lives of many young people who are susceptible to the virus.


Who We Help:

  1. Faculty, Staff, and Students of educational institution:
    We provide a course on basic HIV/AIDS education, as well as prevention and anti-discrimination training. In addition, we hold HIV prevention campaigns at schools in rural areas. We do this with the wish to balance out the educational disparity between rural and urban schools in Taiwan.
  1. Local communities, such as Parents, Educators, and College Students:
    We regularly hold HIV education training workshops that include PLHA sharing their experiences. In addition, we provide training on how to deliver a speech related to HIV to a diverse audience.



  1. To host 100+ HIV campaigns on several college campuses that reach up to at least 10,000 people.
  2. Furthermore, we would like to host more than 4 HIV educational training workshops across Taiwan every year. It is our hope to train speakers in delivering HIV/AIDS educational campaigns to both rural and urban schools. In addition, we hope to work with other organizations to reach out to more local communities, enterprises, and the public sector.


Long-term Vision:

  1. We are working to reduce HIV/AIDS related stigma and discrimination.
  2. Using education and HIV prevention campaigns at rural schools to improve HIV/AIDS awareness at schools and local communities.


Service Team:

Nicole Yang and 10 staff members, of whom are senior lecturers and experienced social workers who specialize in HIV/AIDS policies, ethics, and drug abuse prevention.



Support Our Work

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