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Harmony Home Foundation, Taiwan (Harmony Home, Taiwan) is an NPO founded by Ms. Nicole Yang in 2011, who began helping people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA) since 1986. We are committed to providing shelter, care, treatment access and support for people living with and children affected by HIV/AIDS in Taiwan. With 6 halfway houses established across Taiwan, we now shelter 140 individuals–including HIV-positive patients with disabilities, recovering IDUs, HIV-positive women released from prison, MSMs, migrant workers and foreigners.

Zhonghe Healthcare Center for PLHA

Harmony Home Taiwan believes in the involvement and empowerment of PLHAs. Many PLHAs, especially women whose children are also sheltered in our organization, are employed by Harmony Home as full-time assistants. Being actively involved in advocating the rights of PLHAs, we hold HIV education and prevention campaigns–sharing life experiences to the general public for better understanding of HIV/AIDS facts in order to reduce stigma and discrimination against PLHAs. Over decades, we have held campaigns for over 150,000 people in schools, institutions, and communities. We also assist PLHAs with finding employment opportunities until they are able to support themselves and live on their own.

Better Tomorrow for all children.

Since 1997, we have started another service–sheltering those of unlawful residents. Many of them are migrant workers with difficulties, victims of human trafficking, non-Taiwanese children and their mothers. Our trained and qualified social workers intervene in their issues such as being tortured and exploitation, being under bad health and nutrition.

Today, Harmony Home Taiwan takes care over 150 non-Taiwanese children. To guarantee their rights to a better life, education and health, we provide them with rooming-in care, educational and medical assistance. It is projected that over 200 non-Taiwanese children will benefit from this program by the end of 2018.

Our Services

Healthcare and Shelter for People Living with HIV/AIDS and Affected People

Education and Prevention Campaigns of HIV and the Awareness

 Healthcare and Shelter for Non-Taiwanese Children